Step by Step Guide on Garage Door Installation

Step by Step Guide on Garage Door Installation

It takes a lot of experience and the right tools to be able to install a garage door. If you’ve got the right expertise and tools, you, too, can do it without creating any mess. In this blog post, we are going to show you how you can install a garage door without hiring a garage door repair company:

Step #1Connect the springs

First off, connect the weather stripping to motherboard base, usually edge. Now cautiously secure the panel in the doorway by fixing the nails in a way that they legitimately secure the door.

Step by Step Guide on Garage Door Installation

Step #2 – Fix the Tracks

The next step is easy and simple. All you need is to pick up your door maker’s rules and follow all the instructions to fix the necessary parts for different tracks (Vertical, Level, and Bent).

Step #3 – Rollers Installation

Follow the next instructions to install each of the rollers and sturdy profiles wherever require on the door segment. Now slide vertical tack on the door’s rollers. The process is same for another page.

Step #4 – Fix The Jamb Bracket

Connect the sections with framing by hanging the support sections on rails. You should wait before replacing the rails that previously secured the loose screws. The subsequent step is to install the curved and horizontal tracks. Make sure the curved track is well positioned all the time, and shake it together.

Step #4 – Check Leveling of the Flat Track

Now check the level of flat track and remove the rail bracket placed in the rear side. Connect it to a block and mount the track on it.

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