5 Simple Garage Door Repair Tips That Saved Me Money

My garage door started acting up recently – it would open halfway and then stop. I knew it was time for some garage door repair, but I wanted to try some simple fixes first to see if I could save myself a trip to the garage door company. Here are 5 easy tips I tried that ended up fixing the problem and saving me a repair bill.

Lubricate the tracks

Over time, the rollers and tracks that your door slides on can get gritty and stuck. I cleaned out the tracks with an old toothbrush and sprayed touch-up paint along the metal edges to prevent further rusting. Then I lubricated the tracks and rollers with dry graphite spray – it was like buttah after that! Sliding was smooth again.

Adjust or replace springs

If your door is getting harder to open or close, the springs may be wearing down. I inspected the torsion springs along the sides and noticed one was starting to unwind. Replacing garage door springs isn’t too difficult as long as you’re careful. Just be sure to use ones rated for your door’s weight. New springs made a big difference in effort levels.

Tighten loose hardware

Shaking or wobbly door sections are usually due to nuts and bolts coming loose over time. I gave everything a good tightening using an adjustable wrench. The door felt much sturdier after cinching down any hardware that had come loose.

Reset or replace sensors

If your door suddenly won’t close all the way or reverses itself, the sensors on the garage floor may need attention. I tried simply pressing the reset button first before opting for a replacement. A new set of sensors from my local Garage Door Repair Carrollton fixed the issue.

Inspect and replace cables

Worn or frayed garage door cables are a common culprit. The steel cables that lift your door run through a track along each side and can eventually fray and break over 10+ years. I was able to tell one of mine was getting weak by how much slack it had. Replacing cables ended up resolving my problem and should last for years now.

If any of these fixes seem like too much, don’t be afraid to call in a certified garage door technician. Some issues may require expertise to resolve properly and safely. But hopefully these simple tips will solve minor problems and save you a service call if something starts acting up. Regular maintenance can really extend the life of a garage door.