garage door replacement Williamsburg

Choosing a New Garage Door Model, Material and Windows

If your old garage door is looking worn out and tired, it may be time for an upgrade. But with so many different styles, materials, window options and extra features available today, deciding on the right new door can feel overwhelming. Here are some tips to help simplify the selection process so you end up with a door you’ll love for many years to come.

garage door replacement Williamsburg

Consider Your Needs and Budget

The first step is analyzing how you use your garage. Do you need room for multiple cars? Do you need easy access for large items? Think about your storage and vehicle needs. Also consider structural aspects like headroom clearance and side room.

Next, establish a budget to find doors within your price range. High-quality wood or steel doors can cost $1000-$4000 installed depending on size, while basic steel models start around $500. Additional features like automatic openers add to the cost too. Know your budget to avoid future sticker shock.

Choose a Material Type

The three main materials for garage doors are steel, wood and fiberglass. Each has pros and cons to weigh. Steel withstands impacts well for extra durability, but does not have the aesthetic appeal of wood. Wood offers classic beauty but requires more maintenance and isn’t as strong as steel over time. Fiberglass combines appearance and strength at a higher cost.

Pick a Panel Style

Once you’ve selected a material, the next step is choosing a panel design. Raised, recessed and flush panels are common styles. Consider how the panels will complement your home’s architecture. Windows and decorative accents like carriage house doors add visual interest too. Go with a simpler panel if you’re unsure to avoid looking dated soon.

Consider Automatic Openers

Installing an automatic garage door opener when replacing your door is convenient, but it does add a few hundred dollars to the project cost. Openers come standard with security features like remote controls and keyless entry pads. Some high-end models even integrate with smart home devices.

Consider Additional Upgrades

Other upgrades worth considering include insulation for better temperature control, decorative hardware for aesthetic appeal, and additional safety features like sensors and automatically reversing mechanisms. Consult with Garage Door Replacement in Williamsburg on what’s recommended for your specific needs and local building codes. Warranties also vary, so read the fine print.

Get Professional Installation

No matter which door model you choose, professional installation is highly recommended for safety and warranty reasons. DIY installation can potentially void the manufacturer’s warranty if not done exactly to code specifications. Professional installation also ensures proper engineering and assembly for optimal performance.

With careful research matched to your budget and needs, you’ll be able to select the perfect garage door to enhance your home’s curb appeal and function for many years. Don’t hesitate to ask your local garage door specialist for advice too, as their expertise can save you headaches down the road. Now get upgrading that old door!