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I Fixed My Opener’s Broken Arm With Basic Metal Working Skills

Last weekend my garage door opener started acting up. The arm that attaches to the door wasn’t opening all the way and would sometimes get stuck halfway. As someone who enjoys tackling small repairs myself, I decided to take a look under the hood and see if I could diagnose the issue.

garage door opener repair Hampton

A Closer Inspection Reveals the Problem

After removing the cover, I noticed the metal arm attachment was loose and the bolts had rusted over. A few good shakes revealed it was on its last legs. Clearly this needed replacing but I wasn’t keen to fork out for a repair service like Garage Door Opener Repair in Hampton if I could fix it myself.

Basic Metal Working to the Rescue

Luckily I had some spare metals, bolts, and tools sitting around my workshop. Using a hacksaw, socket set, and files I was able to remove the old arm and fashion a replacement. First I cut a new straight metal piece to match the original length. Then I drilled holes in each end to bolt it back into place. A bit of filing ensured a smooth fit.

Testing and Success!

After rebuilding the opener mechanism, I reattached the cover and tested it out. The new arm swung smoothly without hanging up. The garage door lifted fully with no issues. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of basic metal fabrication to resurrect something on the verge of being thrown out. I was happy I saved myself a service call fee and learned a new mini project in the process.

Taking on Small DIY Jobs

While I don’t claim to be an expert mechanic, little fixes like this have shown me what’s possible with some basic tools and skills. Sure, sometimes it’s worth calling in the pros for bigger jobs or specialized work. But small appliances, fixtures and machines are often repairable with a little know-how. Even attempting repairs that may fail has value as a learning experience. The sense of accomplishment is a nice bonus when they succeed too!

In Closing…

Overall I was glad I took the time to inspect my garage door opener instead of immediately thinking “replacement”. Some gentle metalworking kept it running for much less than a service call. Small DIY jobs are a great way to improve practical skills while saving money too. The next machine to break may be fixable with what I’ve learned.