Common Garage Doors Problems & Repairs

Common Garage Doors Problems & Repairs

Everything we use from mobile phones, and laptops to cars, has an expiry date. The same is true for garage doors. There’re some parts in a garage door that are more susceptible to wear. One day they have to come to an end. Keeping this in mind, we have made a list of some of the most common garage door problems and repairs that are really worth knowing. Let’s find out what worse can happen to your garage door:

Common Garage Doors Problems & Repairs

Broken Springs

Every garage door system has springs to facilitate the opening and closing of the door. But they have a limited lifecycle. They have higher chances of getting broken than other parts. When a spring breaks, it makes a super loud noise, which feels as if something has exploded. In such situation, attempting to close or open your garage door is no different from playing with a grenade. In some it can be super deadly. You should stay away from your garage door when any of its springs is broken.

Damaged Cables

If your garage door spring is broken, chances are that your cables are also affected. When a spring breaks, it usually causes the cables to break. Wondering how you would know if your cables are fine and working smoothly? Well, it’s super simple. If your garage door doesn’t show any sign of a weird behavior, it means everything is fine.  If either side of your door appears to be sagging, it means your garage door has issues.

Door Closes & Reopens

This issue occurs when your door opener needs adjusting. Openers usually have door limit options which control the movement of your garage door. Sporadically, the opener settings require a few minor tweaks to keep working smoothly and accurately.